NCAAF QB Analysis

With this blog, I am going to evaluate the NCAA Quarterbacks that are looking to be drafted to play at the next level. I will evaluate the players ball position in reference to their throwing motion and their delivery times. As well as looking at their pocket presence and their ability to maintain composure if and when the pocket collapses around them. The pocket will collapse at some point during the game and their immediate actions can affect the outcome of the game in the end. Whether it is tuck the ball and go mobile, or maintain their composure and step outside the pocket and complete a pass down the field.

Through this blog, we will also evaluate atleast two teams that would be a good fit for the quarterback and the financial side of the sport that gets the players paid. It is important to note that the amounts I feel they should get are personal and that each team has different amounts of funds they can utilize because of salary caps and rookie money caps as well.  This is my personal opinion and only my opinion and will not show and favoritism to anyone!





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