Mitchell Trubisky Analysis



Mitch Trubisky in his three year career at North Carolina only played a total of 31 games over his span at UNC and only started 13 of those games. He completed an estimated 387 passes on 572 attempts giving him a completion percentage of 68%. Trubisky’s best year was 2016 when he finished the season with 3748 yards but he was sacked 20 times throughout the 2016 season.

However looking at his videos, his poise within the pocket is one of the best if not the best that I saw this season. His ability to remain calm when the pocket collapses around him and he still would not become mobile and complete a pass that was typically in excess of 10 yards was phenomenal in my opinion. Many quarterbacks in the NCAAF would have decide to go mobile and take a risk running the ball instead of maintaining poise and stepping just outside the pocket to complete a pass.

One of the other things that I like about Trubisky is that his ability to hold a play action and actually read the ends and outside linebackers moves and make his read from that. He holds this longer and is very effective in this and one of the best this year at the option offense. While his speed is not blazing fast, his break away speed and unfearful of getting hit make him a solid triple threat quarterback. It does need to be noted that when Trubisky runs, he tucks the ball like a running back and runs instead of holding the ball out and away from his body like a majority of the quarterbacks are notorious of doing over the last few years.

Trubisky might have only started 13 games throughout his career at UNC but his ball position held by his head allowing his reaction time and delivery to be much quicker and  make the throws into very tight windows. This ball position alone allows him to maintain his composure when the pocket collapses and he steps outside the pocket and complete a pass down the field. If he was holding the ball lower like Tim Tebow’s style his delivery would be slower and more difficult to complete in my opinion. Those passes are on a rope and delivered into a small window of opportunity.

He does not have the typical experience that all these scouts and coaches like and would discount. But the flip side to that coin in my opinion is that he is more coachable and his willingness to learn will benefit any team willing to take a chance on him. I would hate to see him go to the Browns because of their lackluster approach to protecting quarterbacks. They have had a bad span of luck with drafting quarterbacks in the first round. Trubisky is an apparent Browns fan and will love to be there, but I think he would be better fit for the Steelers and learn from Ben Roethlisberger or even the New Orleans Saints and learn from Drew Brees.

I would like to think that Trubisky would get a 4 yr deal totaling something in the $30 Million dollar deal but this is all dependent upon the team that decides to draft him and what they can offer the guy!

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