QB Steal of the Draft?


My steal of the 2017 NFL Draft is Brad Kaaya from the University of Miami. This kid has phenomenal pocket awareness. His ability to step up in the pocket as well as hang in there and take a hit to complete a pass. His ability to read the field and understand where the receivers will be open is a huge key for success. This is one thing I think that separates him from the rest of the field and will be a great add to any team.

His ability to come to the line of scrimmage and take control is admirable and shows that he is a leader. He doesn’t know allow his emotions to over take him and his composer is one of the best I have seen. It is amazing that no one has really been talking about this kid which could turn out to be a blessing because it will allow him to actually sneak higher in the draft. A few things that needs to change is that he needs to look away from his go to receivers a little bit more. He tends to eye his receiver as the play develops when he is in the shotgun.

Kaaya’s ball placement when he has the ball is ideal because it allows him to make either a quick throw to a hot route or check off his receivers as the plays develop. His arm strength is there and his accuracy is great but has on a time or two under thrown his receivers making them either stop or come back for the ball forcing them to lose that forward motion and yards. Kaaya has been one of the best I have seen to hold a play action and read the defense and make them commit and then he comes off to complete a pass behind the defender.

The other thing that I think he will need to do is add some thickness to his legs and beef them up so that when a 300 pound lineman lands on him in the NFL that he doesn’t break anything. This was one of the downfalls for RGIII, in that his legs from the calves down were brittle because there was no muscle there. Kaaya needs to add some muscle to his legs during the off season and during his rookie year to ensure he has a lengthy tenure in the NFL.

I think the Kaaya would be a great addition to either the Jets or the Texans. He could also be a plausible fit for the Bills and they would be able to build a team around him and make him their franchise QB as long as he continues to excel at the next level and they can keep him from getting sacked the 61 time he did in his college career.


D. Oaks

Photo courtesy of: https://athlonsports.com/college-football/brad-kaaya-miami-hurricanes-next-star-quarterback