Leonard Fournette= Overrated


Leonard Fournette might be expected to be the best running back in the NFL draft for 2017, but he has some serious flaws that make him very over rated in my opinion. While he does weigh in around 240 pounds, making him a large framed running back, his 40yd time was 4.51 which is good for a man of that stature. However, given the agility of the defensive line in the NFL now and its only going to improve, Fournette can not be put in the same category as Bo Jackson or Adrian Peterson.

While their styles might be the same, there is one settle difference between them all. Making initial reads is a vital thing for running backs in the NFL and this guy is lagging in that department. If he can’t make an initial read from the time he gets to the line of scrimmage until the snap of the ball, then he is just a giant body on the field. His speed and agility are good but without the ability to read the defensive line and the outside linebackers and being able to make a decision on whom has the best path to the QB on his drop, this could spell disaster.

This is one thing that QB’s want in a running back and we have seen ample QB’s get hammered because the RB either didn’t make the block or they just straight up could not read the defense and cost the team an injury. I would take him in the late first round and would see him going to either the Redskins or even the Bills for a 3 yr deal and he would even be a great fit for the Arizona Cardinals as well.


Image Courtesy of: http://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2017/03/nfl_draft_2017_mock_jets_7_round_leonard_fournette_deshaun_watson.html