Mahomes II Next Cam Newton?? Russell Wilson??

Mahomes II

Patrick Mahomes II has probably the absolutely strongest arm coming into the draft this year and one of the most assertive as well. He will openly admit he loves showing off his arm strength and when you are drafted in the 37th round of the Major League Baseball draft it says something.

This kids arm strength is phenomenal and speed to back it up to make him a dual threat QB for sure. His one downfall is that he is heavily reliant on his arm and is used to being in a spread offense with no time under the center. I think with this kids ability and field of vision, if he could master being under the center and controlling the flow of the game with an I formation, Two Tight formation, Wishbone any run scheme that would allow him to utilize his speed and agility and arm strength to mix in play action passes will make him a true triple threat QB at the NFL level and make him one of the greatest.

I would also make the bet that his stats in his rookie year would be better than those of Jameis Winston. I mean looking at Mahomes numbers at Texas Tech the three year he played, his numbers only increased (which they should), but they astounding numbers. He finished his career with just over 11,000 yards, 92 Touchdowns and 29 interceptions.

I would like to see Mahomes II go to the Jaguars to help their offense. His personality and confidence would be great for the team and I think that team would really be a great fit for him and allow him to grow, much like the Panthers did with Cam Newton.



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