Colin Kaepernick Part 2

Colin Kaepernick has since moved on toward helping the community and those that others have left in little regard. He has started to assist felons that were released by providing them suits and such, while many others have allowed those individuals to remain astray. They are overlooked and judged because of their past actions. Some have tried to move on from their past, but as a society they are put right back into their old ways.

Colin has ceased an opportunity to address this failure within our society to help move forward and not judge on the past. During this opportunity for Colin, it seems like everyone else within the ESPN community has decided to take a racial barrage at the owners and claiming that they should be make themselves available for discussion about a quarterback that is a free agent, and turning it into a racial issue. Where were these people when Jamarcus Russell got busted for drinking codine while driving and the Raiders cut him and his NFL career was done. Or when Matt Jones, was arrested with Cocaine in Fayetteville, AR and was cut by the Jags after he admitted to drinking a Beer while playing golf while on probation.

How about Michael Vick’s conviction of illegal dog fighting and tax evasion? He got his second chance and there are a plethora of others that got a second chance. Colin has sense made his decision to pursue a venture that will prove more beneficial because it looks like he is going to be assisting kids around the world in a more rapid manner than many of the charitable organizations and governments are able to. I mean, he is seizing the moment to set the politicians in their place. By showing that they can not keep him down by undermining his ability and his lineage. He is not falling for the bait that so many of today are falling for and that the everyday common man is the cause of a divide. Rather that the oppression has come from the political figures that are elected to have the common man’s ideals in mind but that hasn’t happened and we’ve seen the political figures insight more violence by not speaking up and taking a stand on anything. That is unless it is in their agenda, or its voting season.

When I first heard about Colin and what he did, I was very angry and refused to watch any NFL game where a player took a knee during the national anthem. It wasn’t because of race, it was because of respect. They had no respect for the men and women that were dying overseas and the media wanted to protect a president’s so-called legacy. Deployed military watch sports when they can to get away from the politics and the everyday b.s. that we deal with. I see his arguments but they also have to see that its not everyone and that the abuse of power happens to all races. It’s the political divide and the intellectual failure that has this country divided.

Colin will succeed and be one of the leaders in the Human Rights realm because he understands the government red tape takes forever and diplomacy isn’t in the best interest of everyone. He will join the ranks of Will.I.Am and Elon Musk in showing there are more efficient ways to get things done than what the Politicians want people to believe.



Colin Kaepernick: Is the Hair the issue?

The week has been full of heated arguments about the former San Fransisco QB and current free agent’s hair style. A lot of people think that he needs to cut his hair and to regain a starting QB position or even to be picked up for a team. But is the hair the real issue here? A lot of people see him cutting his hair as conforming to “white owners” and essentially alienating himself.

Michael Vick, who was charged with Tax evasion and dog fighting while he was with the Atlanta Falcons seems to think that he needs to cut his hair and go clean cut to get a QB job somewhere within the league. But really is that the issue? Since Colin started taking a knee during the National Anthem before games for a reason he felt personally responsible to take a stand for, he has been blasted from everyone including myself.

I couldn’t believe an individual that was being payed to play a sport and I was overseas away from my family not even making a fraction of his check for a game, was infuriated about his actions and refused to watch him or any other player that took a knee. It was a sign of disrespect to the Military and those sacrificing time away from their families for a higher cause, college tuition, or U.S. Citizenship for a vast majority. Here these people were using a platform that we used to get away from the bombs and long hours and poor internet to make a political statement.

Colin’s hair is not the issue, and he can get a starting job somewhere if he truly wants to. His hair is apart of his character. Once I learned and understood more about what his reasoning were, I understood but still don’t agree with the platform or method he went about addressing the Social injustice that is going on in America. Colin really should have chosen a different platform to take this stand, but he definitely got everyone’s attention.

Football is used to escape the day to day rhetoric and stress that many have during the week and look forward to watching on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. Political statements should be done throughout the week. Colin could have addressed this issue with local government leaders and been able to really shed more light to the situation and would have garnered more support for his cause. Getting to the brass tacks of the issue is that many owners feel that Colin Kaepernick will be a liability to their organization and could be infectious to the locker room. They see him as bring undo attention to an organization and this could cause serious issues within the locker room and all the off the field antics would affect the performance.

What should Colin do some ask? In my opinion he needs to rebrand himself and show the owners that he is not a liability or infectious to a locker room. He needs to take his actions on the field that infuriated millions and start interacting with the local government and bring some light and assist. There is no progress to be made by pointing the finger and continuously creating a divide that was evident so many years ago. Those years aren’t forgotten by anyone, but many are trying to figure a way to move forward and evolve from the past and ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Rebranding himself does not mean that he has to change his hairstyle one bit or change his goal of bringing social injustice to the forefront. Rebranding would be him showing that he is educating himself or getting assistance to address the issue in a more aggressive manner that would get faster results. By faster I mean, spending more time throughout the week working for his goals while he can focus on football and getting back on the field if he really wants to play again. This type of action would show owners he has learned and evolved and more focused than ever on the issue and still able to focus on football. A lot of athletes has foundations setup for various reasons and causes and Colin is no exception to this. He just needs the right team to help him with this process and understand that not everyone is against him. He just really needs to approach the topic at a different angle. But to blame him not getting picked up by a team because of his hair style is absolutely ridiculous.

To be continued………


D. Oaks

Draft’s Done Now What??

The 2017 NFL Draft is in the books! I am sure a lot of people are shocked at some of the picks and the moves that GM’s made. I, for one, was shocked that Bears traded up and got Trubinsky at the #2 pick. This is a great choice for me because they can mold and work with him. They have some good coaches and they need someone that can relate to younger fans and they can rally around. Whether he starts this fall is another question.

However, with the Draft over with it is time to evaluate these rookies in their progress throughout the summer and see whom can fulfill and come through with all this new pressure put upon their shoulders. It is going to be a great season this year for sure and there will be some teams coming out of no where this year and this could prove exciting.

Meanwhile, we will have to start evaluating the College Athletes that are making a move to help their teams make it to the post season as well as continue their football careers. As the season progresses, I will focus on some of the prominent standouts and try to pick them apart for positive gains. But I will also be looking for those sleepers that will show themselves late in the season! Players will get injured this season and this will impact a lot but nevertheless everyone will be watching, evaluating and grading.

We will have to keep an eye on off the field issues, especially during the summer months because this is when most things happen! It would be nice to see someone step up at these schools and try to be a positive impact on these young players and help them make better decisions.

Best of Luck,

D. Oaks